Community Crime Prevention Opportunities

A Community Effort
One way residents can partner with the police in making their neighborhoods safer places to live is to become more proactive in the community by getting to know each other and looking out for your neighbors. Gather with your neighbors to form a Neighborhood Watch group.

Citizens Police Academy
Attending the Springfield Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy is another option residents might consider when looking for ways in which to better educate themselves about crime and how the police deal with it.

The Citizens Police Academy (CPA) was created in the spirit of community policing to bring citizens together with their police department. The CPA is an educational program designed to help interested persons increase their understanding of the police department through insight into police policies, organizational structure, investigative process, tactics, etc., as well as the challenges involved in providing a safer community.

For more information about the CPA, contact the CPA coordinator at 417-864-1763. Complete this online application if you would like to join us at the next Citizen's Police Academy.