Project Selection Process

Proposed projects for the 2016 1/4-cent Capital Improvements Sales Tax and the 1/8-cent Transportation Sales Tax renewal cycles were selected through a combination of public input, City department and partner agency assessed need, continuation project status and council zone location.

The City/Agency Need Subtotal was determined by City departments and partner agencies who assessed other variables that may impact the project’s overall benefit to the community. Total crashes, capacity, infrastructure condition, economic development, and flooding within the project area were rated on a 1-3 scale. Projects with the highest scores were determined to have the highest need.

Public input was sought in an online citizen survey conducted in August 2015. Citizens were asked to identify their top three projects and prioritize the proposed list of programs. Out of 1,656 total responses collected, nine projects rose to the top, each earning at least 5% of the vote. Of these nine, seven were included in the final list of proposed projects.

Two continuation projects were also included in the final proposed project list. Continuation projects are locations where improvements have been done on each side of the project location. The completion of the projects avoids the creation of a bottleneck.

The final variable considered was the location of each proposed improvement. A large effort has been made to guarantee each council zone will see improvements within the 2016 cycle of the sales taxes.

Project Selection Matrix