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Campaign Description & Purpose
Choose Environmental Excellence (CEE) provides support to participants through newsletters, workshops, and technical materials. Call 417-864-2006 for more information.

Choose Environmental Excellence! A simple statement, a declaration, a command, or just a reminder that we all have this great power to choose. The simple choices that we make every day can and do make a difference, especially when they are joined by thousands of Missourians throughout the state. This is the underlying premise of Missouri's Choose Environmental Excellence campaign, which was formally launched with a proclamation from Governor Carnahan on Earth Day, April 22, 1998.
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Patterned after the highly successful Environmental Excellence Campaigns which began in Kansas City in 1994, CEE is a partnership of business, government and private citizens all acting together to improve our environmental awareness and actions in the daily choices we make. Each participant is asked to make a simple commitment to do a better job.

Whether the issue is air quality, waste disposal, groundwater contamination or hazardous waste, the underlying environmental problems are created by all of us: individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments. We voluntarily create these problems through our daily choices, and if change is to occur, we must also choose to solve them.

Basic Components of the Choose Environmental Excellence Program

  • Acknowledge we all make an impact on the environment
  • Encourage education to raise awareness and give solutions
  • Ask that people consider the environment in their everyday choices and Choose Environmental Excellence
Springfield / Greene County's Choose Environmental Excellence is a partnership including local environmental organizations, city and county governments and agencies, businesses, civic organizations and individuals. View the list of current members (PDF). Choose Environmental Excellence sponsors an annual environmental awards luncheon. View the list of winners (PDF) from 2002 to present. View this newsletter for a list of winners from the 2016 CEE luncheon. 

Join Choose Environmental Excellence

To join, fill out and submit the application for an individual (PDF) or business / organization (PDF).


The Sixteenth Annual Springfield/Greene County Choose Environmental Excellence awards were presented Friday, April 29,...

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