Economic Development & Fighting Poverty

Strengthen Springfield’s Ability to Compete for Jobs 

Strengthen current economic development tools available to local governments to improve the State’s ability to compete 
in attracting and retaining quality jobs. Protect existing job creation/retention tax credit programs and consider providing additional State tax credits and other financial incentives for projects that create and retain quality jobs and for capital investments in new or expanding businesses. The City of Springfield strongly encourages lawmakers to support and protect proven tax credit programs that are critical economic development tools used to stimulate employment and leverage private investments. We oppose efforts to reduce the effectiveness of such programs, including proposals to subject them to the annual appropriations process. The City of Springfield also encourages legislators to implement the findings of the Missouri Tax Credit Review Commission. The City of Springfield encourages the addition of the “But For” test to Chapter 99 tax abatement programs. 

Support Tourism Funding

Tourism is an important part of Springfield’s economy, which the City promotes by marketing to leisure travelers as well as convention and sporting event sponsors. Protect existing funding, and support funding increases, for the Missouri Division of Tourism, so it can continue to offer its Cooperative Marketing Program.

Education and Workforce Development 

Strong education and proven workforce development programs are critical components of economic development and efforts 
to combat poverty. The City supports sufficient, equitable 
State funding for K-12 and State-supported, higher education institutions. The City also supports dedicated funding to Workforce Development from the State’s General Fund. We also support restoration of funding to the Parents as Teachers program and funding for other early childhood development initiatives given the documented link between early childhood development and economic development, public health, and public safety.


Safe and functional road systems are essential to attracting and retaining businesses and promoting tourism. State and Federal fuel taxes, as well as other current and new sources of revenue, are essential to keeping pace with citizens’ demands. Funding for multi-modal transportation is an economic development driver and should be restored to adequate levels in the State budget. The City endorses a state-wide funding mechanism to fund MoDOT’s transportation needs. The City endorses a funding source other than a sales tax, which would further erode the City’s and County’s ability to fund critical local needs via sales tax.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is an important element in attracting and retaining an adequate workforce. Protect existing affordable housing programs and consider providing additional resources to support affordable housing.

Promote Downtowns

A community’s downtown is an indicator of the health of any local economy and a significant factor in attracting and retaining young workers. Protect existing programs that provide incentives for the revitalization of historic downtowns and consider additional support.

Initiative Petition Process

Missouri is one of 17 states whose constitutions allow for initiative petitions. The City of Springfield encourages lawmakers to consider legislation that would ultimately enhance the existing process, ensuring a fair and transparent process for Missourians.