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The Ozark Region Workforce Development Board, (ORWDB), is seeking proposals from public or private entities interested in serving as the One-Stop Operator for the ORWDB. The complete RFP is available in electronic format on the ORWDB  website at under the link for Important Notices and Documents. There will be a Proposer's Conference on THURSDAY, MARCH 16, 2017 at 10:00 am. The RFP response is due Friday, April 7, 2017 and must be submitted electronically to

Questions and Answers Related to One Stop RFP 001-2017-01

1. Page 14, Number 5: LVWDB- Are you referring to LWFDB Local Workforce Development Board?
Yes, the acronym should have been Local Workforce Development Board, "LWFDB."

2.  Page 16: The RFP states there is no sub-contracting allowed. Can the proposer submit a proposal and a signed MOU with another party to provide OSO services to meet the firewall requirements set forth by the Missouri DWD and DOL?
    If a consortium of one-stop partners wants to apply there must be three one-stop partners in the consortium in accordance with the WIOA final regulations. A consortium would be considered an "entity" for purposes of meeting the requirements of the RFP regarding eligible applicants.
    For the consortium to respond to the RFP, there would need to be an executed MOU or agreement between the three partners which should be submitted with the RFP response. 
    A consortium that responds to the RFP still must indicate who the individual will be that is assigned to be the one-stop operator. The WIOA regulations allow for a non-financial option, that is a proposal response which does not request funds, however the proposal response would have to describe how the deliverables would be met and who would be providing those deliverables.

3. Page 17, Number 14: States LVWDB- are you referring to LWFDB Local Workforce Development Board?
Yes, the acronym should have been Local Workforce Development Board, "LWFDB."

4. Page 13, Item G: references "resume or job description." Can a job description be used in place of a resume as referenced on page 13, 19, and 25?
 A job description may be used if the person to serve as the One-Stop Operator has not yet been identified.

5. What is the distance between the Missouri Job Center locations and the satellite office?
One way trip from Missouri Job Center in Springfield to Missouri Job Center in Branson: 41.9 miles.
One way trip from Missouri Job Center in Springfield to satellite office in North Springfield: 6 miles.


Questions and Answers from the Proposer's Conference
1. Is the One-Stop Operator going to be held accountable for KPI measures?
 Yes, however KPI measures will relate to the One Stop Operator deliverables.

2. How can the operator have an impact on performance?
The One-Stop Operator will not be measured on the WIOA performance measures as that will be the responsibility of the Title I career services provider.

3. Should travel be proposed as a separate cost amount?
Contracts will be cost reimbursement. If proposer is requesting that travel be reimbursed it should be separately listed on the cost sheet so that all costs to be billed are clearly stated in the proposal.

4. Where would the One-Stop Operator be in the organizational chart?
The One-Stop Operator will not be on the organizational chart. The operator will be a contracted responsibility and similar to all WIOA providers will report to the Ozark Regional Workforce Development Board through the Board's Executive Director.