Best Management Practices

BMP Manual for Land Disturbance Activity

Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Best Management Practices are designed to dam or filter pollutants that would otherwise be carried by stormwater off of the construction site and enter into our local stream system. These pollutants can include sediment, construction chemicals, and trash.

Reference Manuals and Websites

 The contents of these manuals and websites should not be interpreted as necessarily representing the policies or recommendations of other referenced agencies or organizations.
  • The mention of trade names, products or companies does not constitute an endorsement
  • Not all of the following details provided may work for our geographic region. Please modify details to fit your site as necessary.
When using these references, details need to be modified to site conditions. Dimensions and quantities with details must be included on the erosion sediment control detail drawings.



The Contractor shall be responsible for implementing and adhering to non-structural BMPs described in the SWPPP throughout construction. The Contractor shall be responsible for ensuring that structural BMPs are installed and maintained as described in the SWPPP throughout construction. Maintenance includes but is not limited to removal of sediment as needed for BMP effectiveness, and replacement of BMPs whose functionality has become compromised with equal BMPs.

For more information about the City's General Construction Standards, visit Section 16: Erosion and Sediment Control.