About Us

Establishment & Growth
In 1873, the City of Springfield established what was then known as the Department of Health. Today, with a budget of nearly $10 million and a staff of 110, the Springfield-Greene County Health Department serves a combined population of approximately 267,000 people. The unique city-county partnership, which began in 1976, allows the department to efficiently carry out the Three Core Public Health Functions and the 10 Essential Public Health Services.

What is Public Health?
Public health encompasses a variety of functions and services that protect the health of the community and help citizens live longer, healthier, happier lives. This includes:
  • Connecting citizens to community health services
  • Developing policies to promote a healthy community
  • Educating our community about public health issues
  • Enforcing city ordinances
  • Evaluating current community health programs
  • Monitoring, identifying, & investigating potential health threats
  • Partnering with other community organizations to address local health issues

The department is organized into five divisions which carry out the 10 Essential Public Health Services:

Work With Us
The department needs professionals with experience in a variety of fields. Check the City of Springfield’s employment page for any openings. The department also offers internship opportunities for students currently enrolled at an accredited college or university. Students from all majors are encouraged to apply to gain valuable work experience in the field of public health.