Community Health & Epidemiology


The Community Health and Epidemiology Division includes several programs that focus on disease surveillance and the management and prevention of disease.


Seasonal Flu
The best way to protect yourself, your loved ones, and our community from the flu is to get vaccinated! Flu viruses change from year to year. Even if you received an H1N1 or seasonal flu shot last year, it is important to get vaccinated with the new seasonal flu vaccine in order to get the best protection against flu viruses. More information on flu in Greene County, including where to get vaccinated and the number of reported cases thus far is available on our Flu Information Page.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
Our in-house clinic provides confidential testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases at no cost to the client. Learn more about STD treatment and testing.

The Health Department works closely with the AIDS Project of the Ozark and Burrell Behavioral Health to provide education on HIV / AIDS testing and to develop treatment plans for clients. Learn more about how we're fighting HIV / AIDS.

Tuberculosis testing is performed by appointment. To schedule an appointment, please call (417) 864-1697. Learn more about how we're fighting tuberculosis.

Disease Surveillance
We're working hard to detect, control, and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Learn more about disease surveillance.