All across the country, communities are banning continuous tethering of dogs—Springfield is now one of those communities.

Dogs are naturally social. They are at their best when they have frequent interaction with humans and other animals. Without that interaction, dogs can become unhappy, neurotic, anxious, and often aggressive.

Dogs on chains are easy targets for other animals, biting insects, and mean humans.

Dogs tethered for long periods of time can become highly aggressive, which makes them a danger to the people around them.

Often times, dogs that are tethered outside continuously are also neglected in other ways. They may not have adequate food, water, or shelter.

Here's how to avoid a penalty from this new ordinance:

  • If your dog must be chained outside at times, make sure it has constant access to water and shelter.
  • Bring your dog inside during harsh weather.
  • Make sure your dogs chain won't get caught on anything that could injure the dog.

This ordinance only allows for tethering for short periods of time in special circumstances.

This ordinance will help us make sure the dogs (and people) of Springfield are happy, healthy, and safe.

Questions? Contact Animal Control