Rules of the Road for Scooters

Smashed Scooter
Increasing Concern
Motorized scooters, or mopeds, as they used to be called, are becoming more popular in the Springfield area. The Police Department frequently receives questions about the license requirements for the vehicles and their drivers. The scooters are not required to be licensed with the state (because they are considered motorized bicycles) as long as they are under 50cc's in size, are not capable of going more than 30 miles an hour on level ground, and have an automatic transmission.

Because they are not considered motorcycles their riders are not required to wear a helmet or to have a motorcycle license. The scooters are classified as motor vehicles and the drivers of all motor vehicles are required to have a valid driver's license to operate them on public streets.

The Dangers of Scooters
There have been several serious accidents in the past several years involving these scooters. Most involve kids riding and striking either moving or parked vehicles. This photo was taken this summer with the accident being caused by a 14-year-old girl disobeying a stop sign and running into the side of a passing pickup. She was lucky and only needed a few stitches but it could have been much worse. Please obey the law, wear a helmet, and be careful.